Cult Hysteria: The Irrational Fear of Religious Minorities


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When I turned 30, I spent a week at an ashram. After considering my options, retreating to an emerald-green island of lush palms to reflect on my life and the decade that stretched out before me seemed like the ideal transition to a new chapter. The weekend before my trip, I met a friend for … Continue reading Cult Hysteria: The Irrational Fear of Religious Minorities

Litha Altar

Getting ready for my favorite Sabbat of the year. Oak leaves for the Oak King.  Pretty cool chalice, huh? Wishing you and yours a happy Litha! Blessed be. Save Save Save Save

25 Books to Nourish Your Inner Witch

From lucid dreaming to tarot reading to real-life ghost stories, this list suggests a little something for everyone. Getting ready for your first summer getaway?  Make sure you pack something to enhance your magical practice! I included the link to Amazon for each book for your convenience, however, I strongly recommend you check your library … Continue reading 25 Books to Nourish Your Inner Witch

40 Ideas for Your Handfasting

Planning a handfasting? Don’t want it to look like a cross between a goth convention and a renaissance fair? Or maybe you’d like to include a few subtle pagan touches to your traditional wedding that your pagan friends will understand, and your other guests will probably miss entirely? Here are some modern ideas for the … Continue reading 40 Ideas for Your Handfasting

I fasted for 40 days to seek spiritual insight. This is what I learned.

A nearly universal feature of spiritual traditions around the world, fasting plays a role in Christianity, Judiasm, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism and countless other religions. But with the exception of some pagan reconstructionists, fasting isn’t something emphasized in modern witchcraft or neopaganism in general. The lack of information about fasting as a pagan or occult practitioner … Continue reading I fasted for 40 days to seek spiritual insight. This is what I learned.

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